Entertainment: Animal Planet’s New Reality Show

Dear Friends & Readers,

Very often people ask me why an attorney would want to participate in a reality show. It sounds like a really unlikely career development and to me it all depends on the show. If the show is based on a skill, like cooking, then it is just another challenge. And like many other attorneys, I do love a good challenge.  Since we are talking attorneys, challenges and reality TV, let me introduce you to a recent friend, Kevin Vendituloi.


Kevin is an attorney with a practice in Massachusetts and also a contestant on a new reality series on Animal Planet called Top Hooker. Stop right there, it’s not what you think… this reality show is about FISHING! I met Kevin and his lovely wife Jillie last  summer while visiting my friend Kathy in a glorious place called Westport, MA on the east coast of the US. You may recall that every summer we have a lobster feast and I even have a video to prove it!

One of the best parts of the lobster feast was preparing all the food with my family and Kevin and Jillie, especially when Kevin proved his incredible knowledge of seafood. He mesmerized all of us with what I can only call Lobster “Downward Facing Dog”: the lobsters are placed face down in such a way as they enter a peaceful trance like state before the get into the pot. Yes I know that PETA will find me and boil me alive one day so dear PETA friends, spare your remarks, after all it’s just food!

Over dinner it became apparent Kevin and I shared more in common than a law background and a passion for good New England food. Kevin is a  fish & game aficionado, a crackerjack hunter and quite possibly the Best Hooker in America. To celebrate his participation to Animal Planet’s Best Hooker, I asked Kevin to share some of his secret recipes and knowledge  and wisdom about seafood.  You can find his Poole Baker’s Striper Chowder Recipe here.  In the meantime you can learn more about Kevin and his adventures on Animal Planet here.  Don’t forget to tune in on June 2nd to watch Top Hooker on Animal Planet.