Cooking in Manhattan How to Roast Beets

VideoRecipe: How to Roast Beets

Dear Friends and Readers,

Growing up I always had a bad relationship with beets. My mom would buy them, boil them and serve them as a salad. But I was never a fan of the deep purple color of the fact that they would stain my shirts.  I was a messy eater back then and I guess that never changed, but what improved was my relationship with beets.  When I moved to New York, I noticed them on many menus and ordered them as a shared appetizer. It was love at first bite: when cooked properly beets are fleshy and supple with a sweet and salty flavor that is best enhanced with a simple vinaigrette.  Next step was learning how to cook them and for that I have to credit Martha.

Roasting beets can be time consuming and there is no shortcut but if you are already using your oven on a sunday afternoon you may want to give this technique a try. Who knows, you may discover that this cheap and colorful root vegetable is not as scary after all!