Cooking in Manhattan Pollo al Mattone

VideoRecipe: Chicken Under a Brick

Dear Friends & Readers,

just in time for Valentine’s Day here is a recipe you can send to your significant other… or you can make it yourself is you want said significant other to propose. Move over Ina Garten, Chicken under the brick (“pollo al mattone”) is the “engagement chicken” 2.0! It is cooked in a cast iron skillet so you only need to clean 1 pan AND it cooks faster than a normal chicken because it is butterflied and lays flat.

And now a little troubleshooting:

1) to learn how to butterfly a chicken, check out my video here;

2) if you don’t want to play mad doctor (surgeon, in this case) or unleash your inner psycho on the poor chicken, most meat counters will do that for you;

3) if you don’t have a brick, or a panini press you can use another cast iron skillet or pan on top of the chicken;

4) if you want a delicious side dish you can nest halved baby potatoes under the chicken, skin side down: they will make a nice bed for the chicken and collect all the juices.

Happy valentine day and may the power of the Pollo al Mattone be with you and your loved ones!