Favorites: Portion Control Tools

Dear Friends & Readers,

Holidays are for indulging…  the problem is that we don’t have a magic wand to make all the negative effects of the overeating and over drinking go away.  We often find ourselves (or at least I find myself) bloated, heavier, with several unwanted pimples, feeling weighed down by all the rich and heavy dishes.  Fortunately in Southern Italy the holiday meals are based on seafood, but you know me and my sweet tooth and passion for anything cheese.

In 2012 a friend broke a limb (and by broke, I mean fractured a bone so badly that it required major surgery) and so I have been thinking about how to be healthier and inspire people to be healthier too. After all, this blog is about me, my friends, my world and the message that if you eat at home (regardless of how small your kitchen is) you can find your way to a healthier and more accomplished life.  My post on the No-Diet Diet was one of the highest viewed and shared of this website so I thought I would give you a follow up to make things more tangible.  I often speak of portion control, a concept that is somehow disregarded in America. Portions in the US are often so big that they could serve 2 Italians easily and maybe leave some left overs too.  What American needs, aside from ridding itself of corn syrup, GMOs and food by-products is PORTION CONTROL.  So I started searching for tools that could help me make the message a little more tangible. I believe that giving people a visual standard of the amount they should eat is much more important than giving them a strict diet to follow. So I hand picked the items in the picture below hoping you will find them helpful when you plan your new year resolutions.

Remember that health is the only wealth you have and need.  Next time you reach for a second serving of butter-based dishes, think about that.  And of course think about how good it feels to go to your high school reunion and still wear the same size you did as a teenager!

Jokari Healthy Steps Portion Control Diet Tool Set: This tool set contains 10 kitchen tools that are measured at exactly 1 portion. You have a pasta scoop, a cereal scoop, serving pieces that allow you to precisely identify your portion of protein, soup, grains and vegetables, lids that prevent you from over dressing your salad. This set is wonderful because it guides you through the amounts you should be eating so that when you eat out you can visually identify if the portion is too big… and we all know that in America a doggie bag is always an option!

Meal Measure: This measuring tool looks a little gimmicky but it is great for people who don’t cook their meals.  When you cook your meal you know how much things weight and you understand that volume and weight are very different measuring criteria. But your children and even your non cooking significant other may have no idea of what their ideal vegetable portion looks like, so this measuring tool measures everything on the plate.  By measuring the vegetables grains and proteins in front of your non cooking loved ones you will automatically give them an education on how much they can eat of each dish and the serving size will be easy for them to recall.

Finally, I should point out that Pyrex containers are the best thing since sliced bread. The color coded covers allow you to know at a glance how large your portion is.  I often eat my lunches out of a 1- and 2- cup Pyrex containers and it is the best portion control teaching tool for people on the go!  I can’t get enough of them and my hubby says I am addicted… but come on Santa, bring me some Pyrex again this year!

I wish you all a healthy and happy new year filled with delicious home made meals, a small kitchen filled with love and friendship, a workplace filled with success and productivity!