How to Poach Eggs

VideoRecipe: The Perfect Poached Egg

Dear Friends & Viewers,

Happy new year! You will be pleased to know that my computer problems have been solved. Having close to 10,000 high def pictures on my Macbook was a little much. The poor Macbook just couldn’t breathe, can you blame it? So I resorted to buying an external drive and park some of the pictures there…. With the help of an Angel from the Genius Bar, of course. Sometimes a girl needs some holding hands while transferring a large amount of data. And speaking of holding hands… Some people (me included of course) needs some holding hands when poaching eggs. The recipes you see out there are a little hazy… Boil water, pour vinegar (how much is for you and me to guess) then swirl water around and drop the egg then simmer for 3 to 5 minutes. While the directions may seem self explanatory my orange kitchen has seen many a poached egg disasters. Buying and egg poacher is not an option when you have a small urban kitchen because it is a unitasker and besides who has the space??? So one sunday morning I decided to build my own disposable egg poachers. The rest is poached egg history… Check out the video to see how foolproof this is and did I mention the super easy cleanup?


Enjoy and may 2013 bring you and me many more webisodes!