2012 Holiday Gift Guide: Stocking Stuffers

Dear Friends and Gift Givers,

I love stocking stuffers but they can be tricky to pick. Next think you know, your house is full of unused tchotchkes… if you have a small urban apartment and a small urban kitchen you know what I mean. So I thought about helping you stuff stockings the smart way this season!


Supracor SpaCell Facial Sponge: this facial sponge is great for cleansing, removing makeup, exfoliating and massaging your face. I am buying the bath mitt for my mom as she will love it!

EOS Alice in the Wonderland Lip balms collection: I love EOS lip balms and when the Alice in the wonderland collection came out I thought it was a match made in Walt Disney heaven. The limited edition features new flavors that are totally adorable and I bet all the EOS fans out there will feel very much loved when they receive this gift!

Butter London Union Jack Pack: Nail polish is fun but it should also be safe to wear. Butter London doesn’t come cheap but all the products are 3-free so all the chemical gunk has been stripped from the colors and you can wear them knowing that they won’t have nasty side effects. Leave it to the Brits to also pick some fun colors!

Pinch Provision Mini Emergency Kit: A friend gave me one of these lovely little pouches a couple of days ago and I absolutely adore it! There are provisions for women, men, brides and bridesmaids, moms to be, babies… they really thought of everyone.  I am going to stash a couple in my desk drawer for the next emergency!

The Dark Knight Trilogy: No man could resist receiving this gift. It may be Nolan’s dark portait of the epic battle between good and evil or Bale’s tortured soul, this is the best Batman yet… that is until Joseph Gordon Levitt shows his chops as Robin!

Call of Duty Black Ops II: If your significant other is a good boy and you want to bring the bad boy in him, this is by far your best option… no you won’t fear adultery, unless you feel that his X Box is competition!

A Death in the Small Hours by Charles Finch: This series has become family to me, like Maisie Dobbs, Harry Potter,  Mma Ramotswe and many others. If you want to give a page turner that puts you in the center of the action with compelling and human characters, then this is the book to buy.