PhotoRecipe: How to toast Pine Nuts

Dear Friends and Readers,

I love Pine Nuts, or as we call them in Italian “Pinoli” (and the correct pronunciation is “pee-noh-lee”). I love them but they are really really tricky to toast! So I would say that up until now it was a love/hate relationship, because what you try to toast them in the oven or in the pan they don’t act like your average nut: they burn faster than you can say pasta. One minute they are pale and the next they are charred! Since they are fairly expensive loosing a batch is a little painful too :-(

But from now on, my dear readers you will toast your pine nuts without burning them EVER AGAIN. Hear me out!


Place your pine nuts in a microwaveable bowl, uncovered. Cook them at the highest setting for 1 minute. Open the microwave oven and stir, then heat again for 30 seconds. Open and stir again and cook again if necessary. Some pine nuts may be darker than others, so don’t cook for more than 3 minutes (total of course): stir the pine nuts again and leave the bowl to cool in the oven. BE VERY CAREFUL because at this point the bowl is really hot, so please don’t get burned :-)

Now you can use toasted pine nuts anytime you want without waste and cooking them in less than 3 minutes! YAY :-)