ReadList: (The Complete Idiot’s Guide to) Quinoa Cookbook

Dear Friends and Readers,

Just in time for Meatless Monday, I present to you The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Quinoa, a cookbook by Susan Irby aka the Bikini Chef! Celebrity Chef Susan Irby is in great shape and has been spreading the word about eating healthy and delicious meals through TV and Radio shows. The fact that she wrote a book on quinoa, the super seed loaded with vegetable protein, is perfect as she is the spokesperson for preparing meals that are easy on the waistline as they are filling and tasty.

I had the pleasure of meeting Susan through a common friend who is a great food blogger, and she invited me to participate to her Radio Show last year. When I heard she was working on a book on Quinoa and getting other chefs to contribute recipes I submitted mine and I was so proud she included it in her book. When the Bikini Chef likes one of your recipes it means you must be doing something right!

The Quinoa Cookbook features one of the most complete selections of quinoa recipes I have seen so far. Whether you want to introduce vegetable protein in your diet at breakfast, lunch, or dinner, Susan has a recipe for you. All the recipes are straightforward and the results are delicious. This cookbook is more than just a series of salads and stews, as it features ideas on baking with quinoa, which I have never done and I cannot wait to try.

After my vacation I definitely need to get back in shape and I will be using this book and Susan’s smart and easy recipes to get back into bikini shape!