Favorites: Kriegler

Dear Friends and Readers,

I have some very fashionable and cool friends who give me some very good advice, lucky me!  I was talking about fragrances with my fashion guru Mona and she suggested that I try this brand called Krigler. Now, I know a bunch about perfumes but I had never heard about this one, as apparently it was unavailable in the US for many years and it is now sold at the Plaza Retail Collection. And when there is something new in the perfume world…. I am all over it!

So, I headed to the Plaza Retail Collection ready for a sniff test: Oh my! If I could give a smell to the idea of fashionable billionaire hanging out on the French Riviera, that would be the smell of several Krigler perfumes.  The brand is indeed from Montecarlo, which I find very appropriate.  My favorite fragrance isSparkling Diamond, a mix of champagne, strawberries and coconut. It beats the alternative of waiting for next summer and buying a plane ticket to Saint Tropez… now THAT is instant gratification!