Cooking in Manhattan Chicken Scaloppine

VideoRecipe: Chicken Scaloppine

Dear Friends and Eaters,

this is another oldie but goodie that seems to have fallen through the cracks of website migrations.  Scaloppine is one of the most traditional ways of cooking chicken breast. Forget chicken parmigiana… we don’t actually cook it in Italy. That is the way we eat leftover fried chicken cutlets (“cotolette di pollo”).  The best, easiest, cheepest and most delicious way to cook chicken breast, is as a scaloppina.  Once you ace the technique you can try veal and even seafood!



A quick clarification regarding the name of this dish as I see a lot of confusion online and on the menus of Italian restaurants. The name of the dish is SCALOPPINE with an E not an I.  It is the plural for scaloppina, and you will hear the correct pronunciation in the video above.