VideoRecipe: The Art of the Meatball

Dear Friends and Eaters,

I have been talking about meatballs with a couple of friends on twitter and I felt I needed to address the topic again on the blog so that you can try my version of the recipe too.  Meatballs are, by and large, the most iconic Italian dish and also one of the most versatile recipes out there.  It can be tailored to your dietary needs and enhanced in so many ways! Raisins, pine nuts, herbs, lemon zest, ginger, spices – you name it…

Traditionally, meatballs are fried but in my family we have a healthier approach to the Italian classics so we bake them instead. An alternative to the fully baked meatball is the one I showcased at the International Culinary Institute: the meatballs are baked until the outside is solid but then they get the braising treatment in a rich tomato sauce.

Check out my Video Recipe below for an explanation on how to make them. As you will notice this is one of the most popular videos and the reason is that this recipe has been tested many times and used in my family for decades. This is the kind of recipe you can trust!



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