The Perfect Guacamole

VideoRecipe: The Perfect Guacamole

Dear Friends & Viewers,

Avocados are not easy to find in Italy and they are usually very expensive and not very good.  My mom would have to order them at the grocery store and they were really difficult to find.  When I moved to New York I realized that avocados were sold at every street corner! Thanks to my Mexican Friends Gualy and Adriana (two classmates from Law School at NYU), I learned a lot of tricks on making guacamole.  I know it is not Italian or Mediterranean food but I thought you would find this recipe helpful!


PS: please note that I made a mistake in the video – I add CORIANDER, not Cumin… sorry for the confusion but this is the price to pay for not having a teleprompter. So please remember: Coriander is the seed of Cilantro and in Italy the leaves are indeed called “Coriandolo“. But if you want to add some cumin as well, knock yourself out, it is good too! Whatever floats your gondola!