Cooking in Manhattan Pasta Salad

VideoRecipe: Summer Pasta Salad

Dear Friends & Eaters,

Remember when I showed you how to make ricotta? You can put ricotta to good use with this salad featuring simple Italian flavors and a great pasta that is actually made in Italy.  It is no mystery that I love pasta Garofalo because it cooks to a perfect al dente retains the dressing like no other brand. What I like the most is that this is the same pasta I used to buy when I lived in Italy and it reminds me on the Palumbo Kitchen! This salad is perfect for a picnic because it keeps well and it is best served at room temperature. You can make a big batch ahead of time and keep it in a closed container in the fridge. One of my Youtube subscribers suggested adding toasted pine nuts which is probably a very good idea (my subscribers are always a source of good feedback and I love their comments).



You can learn more about Pasta Garofalo here. If you want to make homemade ricotta check out my previous Video Recipe here.