ReadList: Midnight Riot

Dear friends and readers,

I was in my late teens when Harry Potter was written and I still remember the first encounter with the “boy who lived”. It was 1999 and I was in the tube and noticed a child reading the first book. The cover was colorful like that of a young adult novel.
Then I turned and saw the same book read by a middle aged man, the kind that works as a banker, no less. I was fashinated that a book could catch such a wide net. I bought the book in a bookstore just off of Covent Garden and I was hooked.  My twenties were touched by the Harry Potter saga and I am not afraid to say my nerdy self rejoice whenever one of the movies is on TV.  The age of Twilight it was not and JK Rowling created a masterpiece that brought new life in the publishing business and lead the way to so many series that because hits thereafter.  But when the series rightfully ended she left us orphans of accomplished larger than life characters and a world of magic that feels oh so real….

During a recent trip to London I wandered to the same book store in Covent Garden and started browsing the new books.  I was not looking for anything in particular but magic must have drawn me to the right book.  I opened “The Rivers of London” by Ben Aaronovitch and could not put the book down.  In the US the book is sold with a different title “Midnight Riot” which is not the best title, but I won’t spoil why.

Let’s talk about the book, or the series, I should say.  Peter Grant is a constable in London and he is about to get his first assignment after police academy.  He has a sinking feeling he will get a desk job and his dreams of being in the Murder Squad will be quashed soon.  But London is not just a city of men and women (and animals) of course. And even the men and women you may see every day in the subway are not what they seem.  What if there were forces at work to break the Queen’s peace what were supernatural? What if only few people could link a moment of madness to the tides of the Thames? Peter Grant is a charming and refreshing character. He is in disbelief when the underworld of supernatural forces opens in front of him and with the help of a wizard and a dog he braces himself to understand magic and the reasons for grotesque murders happening in London. As soon as the first book was over I bought the second one, “Moon Over Soho” immediately and devour that too. The third installment will be released in the US on July 30, yippee!!!

For those who grew up reading Harry Potter and are not afraid of a good mystery book, Midnight Riot is the perfect summer page turner.