Favorites: Malia Mills Bathing Suits

Dear Friends & Readers,

The bikini test is one of the most stressful moments of the year. It is the day you try on your bikini and you realize that, along with the need to work out and eat better:

(a) your bikini does not fit you like it used to;

(b) your bikini is outdated; and/or

(c) you need to find a bikini or a bathing suit that actually complements your body shape and suits your assets while minimizing the “liabilities”.

You want a bathing suit that makes your appearance shift towards the assets not the liabilities. You are the CFO of your appearance on the beach or by the pool now make the best of it! Let me tell you: finding a bathing suit that fits me is not an easy feat. We all have insecurities and seeing photoshopped pictures of Victoria’s Secret models is really frustrating. Yes those women are beautiful – I have seen many of them with my very eyes – but they ARE photoshopped indeed. Fear not, they have trainers nutritionists and massage therapists like athletes and they take care of the body that make them so much money. But photoshop is always involved in editing and publishing pictures anyway!

I sometimes wish this were Brazil were going to the beach is the standard and bathing suits come in different shapes for all body shapes. I stocked up on bathing suit the last time I was in Rio and I also bought some in Capri last year. But in the US I often lamented the lack of options: you either find mini bikinis or matronly numbers who are neither elegant or flattering.

During a recent trip to East Hampton I went bathing suit shopping and was having a pretty bad time with the whole process until I found the Malia Mills store. The flagship store is on Manhattan’s Upper West Side so I should be familiar with the brand, right? Only I wasn’t!  When shopping for underwear I value structure, fabric and support.  Bathing suits should make no exception. It was great to see a selection based on the bra size and body shapes and there are plenty of styles to fit all assets in all the good ways. In my case, I need some gravity defying padding that can withstand playing volley ball on the beach but be classy enough to be worn by the pool.  At Malia Mills I found a great bathing suit in a teal color that I love. It was great that I was actually fitted by Malia herself! Everyone was super helpful and patient and the final pick was a comfortable and cool bathing suit that is trendy and flattering and enhances the assets while downplaying the flaws. Wearing it I feel like a supermodel even if I am just 5’3″! Who knows maybe I will take a picture of myself wearing my bathing suit and post it. That is the confidence I needed!

Ciao :-)