Doctor’s Orders: Best Sun Care in 2012

Dear Sun Worshipers Friends & Followers,

Summertime can be a blessing and a curse for many of us. As much as we love sitting in the sun and perfecting an outdoorsy complexion, the evil UVA and UVB rays are not really our friends.  I have a lot of moles and freckles and keep track of them religiously to avoid problems.  But I also love the look of my legs when they are not so pasty and a little more caramel color.  Nothing makes you look long and lean like a good tan: it’s like 10 pounds were just lifted from your thighs and behind overnight.  My summer routine is very simple and I try to keep it straightforward because I have no time for complicated stuff.  I have tried so many products promising results and not delivering that I have build a solid knowledge of what works and what doesn’t. I figured it was time to share my summer routine with my readers in case they are looking to try something new or just different.

Self Tanners.  I love St. Tropez self tanners.  A couple of months ago I surfed their website to order my annual fix of bottled tan and discovered there is now a gel version of the best self tanner in the world! Quelle surprise! While I love the foam, it often takes too long to give me the desired effect… so I bought the gel hoping that the color would be more intense.  St. Tropez never disappoints me! The texture of the product is great and it does not smell as all other self tanners (even more expensive) do. The color was similar to that I achieve with 2 days at the beach with SPF 30 and the shade is caramel, not Hoompa Loompa Orange (LiLo I am looking at you and all the cast of Jersey Shore).  When you apply self tanner (any self tanner for that matter) make sure that you exfoliate the day before and lightly coat the elbows knees and feet with a moisturizing lotion (even Cetaphil will do). You can apply the self tanner once a week and keep your healthy glow all summer long!

Suncare for the Body. To me suncare should be like a shield between the skin and the sun without the weight and lack of comfort and practicality of a traditional medieval armor.  While nowadays it is fairly easy to find a face moisturizers with spf, the same cannot be said for body lotions. I have many moles and freckles on my back and arms and I cannot stand the thought that I am not protecting them on a daily basis. I really like an new organic brand called Coolaand I have been using the SPF35 Pina Colada Spray.  Not only the protection is effective as a Neutrogena and Coppertone would be but the smell is heavenly because this refreshing spray is infused with aloe and antioxidants but most importantly smells SO GOOD! I am going to buy the Plant UV Body Moisturizer!

Suncare for the Face.  Among the negative effects of the sun there are loss of collagen in the skin,  worsening of preexisting conditions such as rosacea and eczema.  Is that enough to make you want to protect your face? It is for me… when I go back to Italy people ask me what I have been doing to my skin because it still looks good. Well While they were tanning in salons and at the beach I was limiting the sun damage with SPF 30 at least. I might have been white as mozzarella then, but now I don’t need botox and filler like them! Finding the right SPF for the face can be tricky because it is one more step in the morning and the texture may interact with your other products and turn you into an oil slick before noon.  Kiehl’s makes great suncare and after using Superfluid UV Defensor since it first came out 3 years ago I cannot wait to try their new oil free, vitamin C and caffeine rich new version Facial Fuel UV Guard.  Both products are SPF 50+ and if you think you don’t need it let tell you:


even if you live mostly indoor, UVA and UVB rays are all over you so you need to be protected at all times. If you are looking for a hint of color with your SPF you may want to try Clarins UV Plus HP Day Screen Tint, which doubles as SPF Antioxidant Serum and Mattifying potion.


Continuous Protection.  But even the most effective suncare loses the protective effects after a while. In my care, as soon as my skin gets oily during the day I feel like a steak ready to be seared on a cast iron skillet.  But I have  make up on and I really don’t feel like reapplying Superfluid or anything else so what to do? Thank goodness for technology and cosmetic research that created bloting papers (my favorite are made byBoscia) and Chantecaille Protection Naturelle SPF46+

This powder and brush combo is an absolute miracle worker: it mattifies without drying your skin and also contains sun protection to shield your skin. I buy it in the bronze version and it is a bronzer/powder/spf multitasker and keep handy at all times!

Enjoy Safe Sun this Summer!