Favorites: Bug Repellants

Dear Friends and Followers,

I don’t know about you but summer has suddenly arrived. Just yesterday we were all entrenched in wool, umbrellas and rain boots and now I am running all over Tribeca looking for a place to get a pedicure so that I can put on my sandals (true story, I swear!).

With the summer arriving so soon and suddenly I have another, more problematic situation: bug bites! Have you ever had your legs freshly waxed, massaged and oiled into presentable smoothness only to get 10 bug bites 5 minutes after you walked out of the spa? I have… and it really stinks! If we were in Twilight or True Blood there would be a Robert Pattinson or an Alexander Skarsgard telling me that my blood is irresistible and they want to bgite me. I’ll take a bite from Alexander Skarsgard anytime (you can keep Pattinson, thank you very much), with a side of vampire Bill to boot… But I say NO to the BUGS!

I have tried everything on the market, it does not work on me… When I lived in Italy I had geraniums and citronella to protect me, but now? Do I have to spend another summer with this curse???

Enters California Baby… you might think it is just for kids with diaper rashes, oh no, it isn’t :-) Finally the bugs have met its match! California Baby makes a bug repellant spray , a bug repellant lotion and even a bug repellant SPF! All the products are DEET free, non-toxic and made with food grade natural ingredients, which basically means they are good enough to eat :-)

I am looking forward to a bug free summer!