Favorites: BMR Beauty

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Last week was Memorial day and it is finally summer! Magazine covers are screaming at us that we should grill -grill –grill.  TV weathermen tell us there will soon be a heatwave and we will soon be hitting the beach, if we haven’t done so already.  Beach+Summer=Bikini season.

In the past the mere thought of uncovering an inch of flesh without some serious self tanning would have frightened me.Yes, I eat healthy and work out but everyone is entitled to their insecurities and of course I have mine!  But (or should I say butt?), as you know I lead a sedentary life and I cook a lot. I am burdened by what is commonly known as the “desk butt”, the one you develop when you sit long hours in front of a computer. Three months ago I was introduced to a great line of cosmetic tools, BMR Beauty. This is to toning what Clarisonic is to cleaning your face. Lifechanging, result driven, time saving, effective.  I have been using it ever since I set eyes on it and I could not be more pleased. It took me a little to write this review but I wanted to pass along good information, not just an infomercial.

Allow me to explain: the concept of electrical stimulation to achieve toning and sculpting of large muscles is very popular in Europe. And very expensive.  Electrostimulators have to be operated within a doctor’s office and many sessions are required, sometimes even daily.  BMR is revolutionary in that it provides the same science and results with a device that can be used at home everyday.  I should also point out that I eat 3 meals a day and only drink water and the occasional glass of wine (I HATE soda and carbonated beverages, but you should know that if you have followed my blog long enough).  I go to the gym whenever I can and take the stairs to my office on the 7th floor of the building.  I often indulge in dessert but I have a sweet tooth and try to limit portions.

The BMR Experience.  There are three BMR garments that targetthe body (for the facial one, I will post a separate article), theArm Lift, the Tummy Lift and the Butt Lift.  They all work with the BMR Activator, which is really your personal trainer.  The Electro Muscular Stimulation is provided through gel pads that are inserted in the garments and stimulate the muscle to contract.  I have used all three garments and they are easy to put together and operate.  You need to position the gel pads in the garments on the first application and remember to save the covers otherwise the pads lose their stickiness.  The BMR garments take guesswork out of the positioning of the electrodes. As a person who has tried electrostimulation in the doctor’s office when I was in Italy, I can tell you that positioning is key.  Since the BMR are very easy to put on and take off the positioning of the electrodes is no longer a problem and that makes it for a much more comfortable experience.  You can put on one of the garments and dry your hair, cook, wash the dishes or do your manicure.  The sessions are progressive as the BMR Activator, not only recognizes the garments but tracks down your progress.

The BMR Results.  I am really impressed with the results of these garments.  I have been using them at least 3 times a week (not the 5 times suggested but good enough) and I have not changed my traditional workout or diet routine.  The garments isolate the muscles and tone them one by one.  Results were really impressive on my problem areas, belly and butt while the arm toning was more limited in scope.  My abs are more tucked in and my butt is stronger if not less jiggly.  These garments are not for weight loss: the feeling is that you are wearing a natural corset or one of those butt lifting spanx.

I am still scared of showing my pasty white legs in the sun but alteast I look more toned and that is a BIG step forward.