Readlist: Sabrina Soto Home Design

Dear Friends & Readers,

I know one thing or two about cooking, but there is one subject I really find difficult to tackle: Home Decor.  Sometimes I see something I like but reproducing and personalizing it to my taste is very difficult.  I can pick the perfect pair of jeans or tinted moisturized, I can craft the best focaccia but if I have to pick furniture I panic.  And New York does not help in that department. I often teach classes at my students’ houses or visit friends and their home decor is stunning. When I inquire, they often say they have done that themselves, but they do not remember when they bought the sofa….

They are either very forgetful or they don’t want to share the name of their decorator.  Having a good decorator is not only important in your social life. It works wonders on your mood. No one wants to live in a messy home where clutter and lack of organization choke creativity and prevent good energy to flow (yes I just went all feng shui on you… I am so sneaky).  If you live in a small apartment like me you understand the importance of storage solutions and an environment that make you relax.  If you live in a house you probably have one or two corners that need help.  Home decor matters and we all need to learn more about it.

I met Sabrina Soto through common friends and she literally shines. It is not make up nor lighting. This girl has a lively and vibrant personality and a wealth of knowledge I have encountered few times.  She deserves every bit of success she has because she works very hard and is really good at what she does.  When I heard she was writing a book about home decor I was thrilled.  If someone can teach me how to decorate I am happy. If that someone is a great decorator with smart solutions and impeccable taste, I am all over it! In her shows Sabrina teaches the viewer how to creat an armonious space that really feels like home. Now she has taken the ideas, styling tips and storage tricks to a new level in her book Sabrina Soto Home Design.  What I love about the book is the layer approach to home decor she suggests.  It feels like being taken by the hand and guided through the process of understanding the space and planning the decor, picking colors, editing furniture you already have, select finishes and fabrics, adding storage (who doesn’t need that!) and finally accentuating the space with light and accessories.

Check out Sabrina Soto Home Design A Layer-by-Layer Approach to Turning Your Ideas into the Home of Your Dreams in stores NOW!

Ciao :-)