NYCGuide: Underwear Shopping

Dear Friends & Readers,

this is once again a post for the ladies but a resource for the gentlemen. Whether you are looking for functional underwear to highlight your best assets or you are shopping for a present that WILL put to good use, New York offers great options.  I am not a Victoria’s Secret fan, even if my hairstylist does the Angels’ hair, because their product is not very flattering on me (or flattening in some other circumstances). So I am going to list my favorite stores and brands for your perusal.

Before we begin, a bonus tip for the gentlemen: if you are shopping for a present it is always better to tell the shop assistants whether the lady has lemons (A cup) oranges (B cup) grapefruits (C cup) baby cantalupes (D cup).  That takes away part of the guess work from the poor shop assistant that is faced with the request.

La Petite Coquette: this is the first store I went to when I moved to NY.  The staff is fantastic and the inventory is very well selected.

They keep you on file in case you want to order an item again. The sizing service they offer is very accurate and it makes a difference when you have back problems because God gave you big assets!

Journelle I attended a bridal shower where the bride was given a present from this store.

It was exquisite and it caught my eye. I went to the Soho location and I had a wonderful experience. The staff creates a very personal and friendly experience and the inventory ranges from basic (but feminine) to luxurious.

L’Agent Provocateur: I saw the first store of this British brand in London in 1999. At that point I was a student and I could not afford to buy anything. Compared to La Perla, an Italian luxury lingerie brand, L’Agent Provocateur was irresistibly young fun and less stuffy that what I had seen before.  Fast forward more than 10 years, this line is still young and sexy, a little on the pricy side but very feminine and flattering.

CosaBella: If you are looking for great basics that are FUN and colorful this Italian brand is the perfect choice.  The line has a very utilitarian feel, with mesh fabric that is perfect for summer. Cosabella is lingerie you can wear everyday, but the bright playful colors make you feel special and sexy even while you are going to the office. The new flagship store in Soho is a great place to experience this rainbow lingerie.

Happy Shopping!

Ciao :-)