Favorites: Acne Fighting Trifecta

Dear Friends & Readers,

Even Italian Kitchen Goddesses are not immune to acne. The occasional pimple can be a real pain if you ask me.  Not enough to call it a problem but disruptive enough to cause you to research preventative measures and quick fixes. Not everyone has time to spend in the waitig room of the dermatologist’s office so I decided to provide you with a list of devices that I have tested myself and actually work.  I am really pleased to say that the Acne Trifecta, posted below, is great for prevention. But if you do get the occasional breakout (or the not so occasional one) the Acne Trifecta helps you recoved MUCH faster.


1) Clarisonic Acne Clarifying CollectionI have already spoken about this great system in a previous post. If you do not own a Clarisonic Brush, turn off the computer and go buy one NOW!

2) TRIA Blue Light: I have tested this device for sometime now and I am happy to report it is great.  Tria Blue Light is exactly what you would think: a non-UV blue light that you use to treat your skin.  The difference between Tria Blue Light and other devices for blue light treatment is that Tria Blue Light delivers a powerful, yet safe blue light to kill the bateria in your pores. Other devices may require you to wear goggles or be otherwise disruptive of your routine. I have a Tria Blue Light on my nigtstand next to hand cream and chapstick. Before going to sleep I do my light therapy for 2.30 minutes and I am good to go as far as killing sneaky bacteria is concerned.

3) Evoclin: this is the only product that requires a prescription. My wonderful dermatologist prescribed it to me before my wedding because stress was causing what he defined “angry pimples”. Evoclin is an antibiotic foam light enough to be used under makeup and very effective because it clears pimples quickly and without drying the skin. To date I have not found anything as effective and recently the “generic” became available.

I hope my pimple fighting suggestions help you in the ongoing fight for perfect skin.  It is amazing to know that science and beauty are advancing by leaps and bounds and finally clear skin is achievable.