CityProfile: Restaurants in Sao Paulo

Dear Friends & Followers,

Remember the CityProfile that started it all? It was about Rio de Janeiro and many of you commented it was a great initiative and my friend Isabel Quintella Lecuyer was super fun.  Now she is BACK! She kindly provided some tips for restaurants in Sao Paulo where she lives with her husband and a new bundle of joy. She does not need introduction on this blog so, here are Isabel’s picks for lunch in Sao Paulo….


Churrascaria (Brazilian BBQ & Grill), ideal for lunch:

  • Rodeio Churrascaria: Try the picanha and other Brazilian grilled specialties
  • Varanda Grill: This Churrascaria has great meats and also serves delicious seafood dishes.
  • Figueira:  The food is tasty but you cannot beat the decor, the tables are set among trees!

For Feijoada (traditional meat and beans stew) usually served at lunch:

  • Beth Cozinha: The Feijoada buffet is served on Wednesday and Saturday and I strongly suggest you reserve way in advance. Feijoada takes long to prepare but it goes pretty fast once it is cooked because it is addictive!

For Traditional and Non-traditional Meals:

  • Dalva e Dito: traditional Brazilian fare with a special focus on recipes inherited from grandmothers and aunts.
  • Piselli: if you feel like having Italian food in Sao Paulo, this is your best option, in alternative to Fasano, another Italian restaurant in the Fasano hotel.
  • Charlo: if you want to feel a little bit French and head to a traditional bistro, this restaurant is a great option.  Like my friend Isabel, it mixes Brazilian and French cultures perfectly!
  • Mani: this restaurant offers a light fare and very colorful vegetarian dishes.  The restaurant serves seafood, but for once there will be no steak in sight.
  • Nagayama: just when you thought you could not get sushi in Sao Paulo, here it is. Nagayama is a japanese restaurant offering great sushi, which has become a staple in the food scene in Brazil.
  • Adega Santiago: if you feel like having tapas, this restaurant offers traditional Andalusian small plates with a portuguese twist.

Creative Dinner in Sao Paulo

  • Dom: modern Brazilian cuisine at its best, this restaurant was created by Chef Alex Atala to showcase mastery and ingenuity along with great flavor.