RestoReview: The Lamb’s Club

Dear friends and eaters,

I love reality TV that is based on challenges. The Big Brother, Jersey Shore and Real Housewives of whatever bore me to tears. I can only reality shows featuring challenges, where skills and actual talent are emphasized. It makes sense since I was a finalist on the Next Food Network Star, and let me tell you, those challenges were tough. I have followed the Next Iron Chef religiously since the first season and many of you probably saw my commentary on twitter, too.  This year I was a big supporter of 2 female chef but when they both were eliminated I started rooting for Chef Zackarian.

I had met him briefly at the New York City Wine and Food Festival and was impressed with his warmth. He does not come across as very friendly when he is a judge on Chopped, but that of course is the ongoing problem with editing reality TV. I for one suffered from the editing on my show… it made me look like a barely speak English!

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On the Saturday before the finale we went to the Lamb’s Club with a couple of friends.  I was already a fan before because seriously how can you not love a chef who wears Hello Kitty bandaids as porte bonheur? After I tasted the food at the Lamb’s Club I knew Chef Zakarian was the winner for sure.  The restaurant has a prix fix structure and the menu has

a modern French flare but also includes very Mediterranean ingredients (such as octopus).  We had Grilled Octopus and Beef Tartare and Hamachi Tartare, then Lamb Loin and Delmonico with a side of Broccoli Rabe and Potato Boulanger. Finally Banana Bread Pudding, Hazelnut Semifreddo, Apple Tarte Tatin and Lemon Pound Cake

Every course was skillfully executed and incredibly flavorful.  The real treat was that Chef Zakarian was in the dinig room so we managed to wish him the best of luck on the finale. Needless to say the following day he was crowned next Iron Chef. I like to think we brought him a little bit of good luck.

Ciao :-)