Favorites: Arrojo ReFinish Dry Shampoo

Dear Friends & Readers,

You know those mornings when the alarm clock is your worst enemy and you really want to sleep? Yes, those mornings that you sleep in and you wakeup with a start realizing that you have a conference call at 8.30 and you have no time to wash your hair? Sounds familiar? It is familiar to me, especially when the pirate is not there to drag me out of bed with his barista skills.  How do you manage to look presentable if your hair is unruly and the idea of stepping out of the front door with wet hair gives you a screaming migraine? Short answer: Dry Shampoo



I am a big fan and I have been using the powder version for quite some time but it is way too messy.  See, not only your scalp and roots are mostly white, your bathroom sink and floor are covered in slippery dust.  Not cool, if you ask me, and I have had my fair share of bathroom accidents.  Then, I tried to new Arrojo Refinish Dry Shampoo, a silver can that looks like hairspray and promises to volumize absorb oil and leave your hair smelling like ginger.  I am hooked: it smells positively amazing, you also look like you just came out of the hair salon.  I usually wash my hair every other day so that my color lasts longer.  I have usedArrojo ReFinish on my “dry days” and my hair looks and smells really great.  Not oily, not flat, just great.

Arrojo ReFinish is a great addition to my hair routine!