Favorites: EOS Lip Balms and more

Dear Friends and Readers,

You all know I am a chatterbox: I speak so much that my lips dry out all the time.  Lip balm is a must, I usually have 1 in each work bag and 1 on my night stand and I lose them all the time. As much as I love to pamper myself with expensive cosmetics from time to time, I found no real difference between the super expensive lip balms and what you regularly find at Duare Reade.  Honestly I like the inexpensive version better 80% of the times.

I discovered EOS (Evolution of Smooth) a couple of years ago.  You know how it is with drugstore cosmetics… you cannot try them and you cannot return them. The real reasom why I bought my first Smooth Sphere was the shape.  You can lose a tube of lip balm but a sphere is a little more difficult to lose and you can find it easily in the bag while running to catch the subway.  I was pleasantly surprised that novelty of the golfball shaped also contained a very good lip balm: it is 95% organic, 100% natural and contains vitamins and shea butter… in short, it is so good and natural you could eat it.  And with the flavors selection you might be tempted to nibble on it too (try the lemon drop and thank me later).The best part is that EOS did not stop at lip balm.  They also make a great body lotion and leg shaving cream (a life saver in the summer between waxing sessions) and recently they launched a great hand lotion too.  The shape of the hand lotion bottle is great because it looks a bit like a UFO… I guarantee it will not get lost in the bag.  As the Spheres are moisturizing and decadent, the hand lotion is light but effective. Trust me, my hands get messed up with all the cooking, cleaning, typing and shuffling documents.  If it works for me, it must be really heavy duty, in spite of its apparent light texture… and it smells great too :-)