Cooking in Manhattan Ossobuco

VideoRecipe: Veal Ossobuco

Dear Friends and Eaters,

Italians love their Sunday supper and Ossobuco is one of the most decadent and rich dishes from the region of Lombardy.  Ossobuco is a veal shank cut through the bone so that each portion has a little bone marrow to go with it.  Its preparation takes time and patience but it is also very rewarding.  This video explains how to cook Ossobuco according to the traditional recipe and make it fork tender with a creamy mushroom glaze for extra umami.



Ossobuco is traditionally served with gremolada, a mix of equal parts of lemon zest, parsley and garlic, and saffron risotto.  Saffron risotto is a plain risotto, the trick is to add saffron to the broth used to cook the rice.  For my video explaining the “risotto technique” check out the video below.