ReadList: The Overnight Socialite

Dear Friends & Readers,

you can call this “the return of the ReadList”. I was chatting with some friends over dinner last week and I realized I had not written about books in a long time. I read every day. I consume books, they my form of escapism. I am not sure many people share my taste as it is not necessarily feminine or thought provoking. But I like to share suggestions on book that I like as much as I do about mascaras and recipes.

A couple of weeks ago, I needed a massive dose of escapism: one of my Amazon suggested reads was “The Overnight Socialite” by Bridie Clark.  This divertissement on the Pygmalion story starts with a midwestern girl coming to New York with high dreams of becoming a fashion designer. She thinks that dreaming big is enough to make the dream come true. She does not realize that without connections and a pedigree she has no chance to rise above the photocopy machine/coffee making duties in the jaded NY fashion world.  Enters a disgrunteled anthropologist and his feud with the world of New York Socialites…

I read this book from cover to cover as it is funny and engaging. But I mostly enjoyed it for the social satire element. The author provides a sharp analysis of what makes a sociality: the cliches’, the pet peeves, the fake Alice in the Wonderland approach to life, the pretentious mannerism. We are not talking about Paris Hilton and sex tapes here. We are talking about pretty girls with trust funds and pedigree with only one wish in their coiffed little brain: to be photographed at events, wear their clothes only once and make the world believe that their life is perfect in every way. The shallow world of people made of plastic… until life catches up with them.

I am glad I am not a socialite. I don’t have to pretend that my life is perfect and everything comes easy. I sweat, I struggle, I get angry, I fight back.  I dream and make things happen for myself and for others around me.  This is a great read if you want a book in which society’s underdog actually wins for a change.