Goorin Brothers Hat Shop

Dear Friends and Followers,

Hats are my secret weapon against the cold. I can live without a scarf or a pair of gloves but if I don’t cover my head during the cold winter months (and sometimes fall and spring too) I get really bad headcolds.  My dad used to have this very problem and he would wear hats everywhere (Borsalinos of course).  So buying a hat is more of a necessity that you would think: they save me from sinus discomfort, keep me warm and make me look fashionable!

Finding the right hat is not easy, though.  We are not talking about Philip Tracy’s fascinators here: the type of hat I like it the one that you can wear every day all winter long and makes you look put together.  I had a hard time finding hats with a good structure and a fashionable shape but easy on the wallet, until one afternoon this fall I saw a new store front on Bleecker Street: Goorin Bros Hat Shop.  The hatmaking family originated in 1895 in Pittsburgh, later moving to San Francisco and finally opening a store in Brooklyn first and then the West Village.  All hats are made in America and have great structure and fine materials.  The price point is fair for what you get: a good quality, stylish hat that you can wear for more than one season.  Goorin Bros. has a great selection of hats but what I like about the West Village store is how knowledgeable and patient the shop assistants are.  They explain a lot about face features and hat structure or skin/hair/eye color and hat colors/materials.  I came out with a great hat, the Smitty, that I have been wearing all fall and most of the winter and I am sure I will keep for years.  I also purchased a couple of hats for the Pirate who never wears anything on his head because it would make him look even taller… taller but warm, I say!

I look forward to seeing what Goorin Bros will roll out for summer, when I wear a hat to save my nose from sun burn and my hair from ruining Lena’s masterpiece highlights.

Check out Gooring Bros, at 337 Bleecker Street or online athttp://www.goorin.com.