Swiss Cheese Fondue

VideoRecipe: Cheese Fondue

Dear Friends and Followers,

it’s cold outside! I was getting spoiled by the wonderfully warm holiday season we had this year… apparently New York was warmer than Salerno, my hometown.  Still no snow (thank goodness) but this year I am prepared for all weather conditions! I stocked up on cheese so that I can make lots and lots of cheese fondue.  Here is the recipe and some history in the Swiss specialty after the jump…

Switzerland is traditionally envisioned as a country with cows, watches and banks. The second two might make the little Country rich but it is the first that makes it delicious.


Fondue and its cousin Raclette were created out of necessity in the 18th century when Swiss towns were snowbound and relied on bread and cheese for sustenance during a long winter. All people in the house would gather around the heath and the pot of bubbly cheese.  Fondue was created to be shared with all the family and that is what makes it perfect for parties.

A couple of years ago the Pirate and I went to visit a Swiss friend in Connecticut and there was a blackout.  Our resourceful Swiss friend was not disappointed that she could not finish cooking dinner. She wipped out a fondue at the speed of light in the fireplace and we had a picnic in the middle of her dining room!

Enjoy :-)