Aquatalia Weatherproof Boots

Dear Friends and Readers,

Normally, I never win anything… seriously not even bingo! It is actually really funny because if I am sitting at a table with 5 other people there is a fat chance that they will win a sweepstake/lottery/giveaway and I won’t. I have seen people winning vacations, ipads, Broadway tickets, bags, etc.  It just does not happen to me so I don’t expect to win anything either.  But I still try my luck every now and then.  Well, let me tell you… luck must have been looking my way for once!









I entered a sweepstake in November to win a pair of weatherproof boots by Aquatalia… and low and behold I WON! Color me surprised… I actually thought the email was some sort of scam! I replied to the poor fellow asking if it was a joke.  He must have thought I am crazy, which, let’s say it straight, is not too far from the truth.

So, on Saturday I went to Bergdorf Goodman 5F (fifth floor) and I selected my prize.  Giving a girl shoes is always a great thing. Giving a girl shoes for FREE… dream come true! The Aquatalia boots are weather proof boots that can withstand severe New York weather in style.  I am not a fun of Uggs because they are a chunky furry mess and they are not weather proof after all. Besides I used to be a ballerina, therefore anything that does not have arch support is bad for me. I cannot believe some mothers have their daughters wearing Uggs…. flat foot anyone?

The reason I like Aquatalis goes beyond the fatc that I won the sweepstake: they have wonderfully made boots that do not sacrifice style for functionality.  Even in severe weather conditions you still can look fashionable and professional. I have been dreading the winter as ever, but now I am ready… Let it snow, Let it snow, Let it SNOW!

You can find Aquatalia Boots at Bergdorf Goodman on the 5th Floor.