Favorites: BelleCore Buffer

Dear Friends and Followers,

These holiday season has been great! I could not take time off of work but I did spend plenty of time with my family and even managed to go to the gym. I was a really good girl and made Santa proud :-) The New Year Resolutions are set and the workout routine is too. But sometimes I take those resolutions a little to seriously and I end up working out too much or in the wrong way. The result? the following week I walk like a penguin and I feel like a 1000 year old woman.

Why, oh why do I do that? No idea… I guess I get overly eager and I overdo it. But how can I cut the recovery time in half? This is the real question: I don’t have a personal trainer to remind me to stretch and recover, I don’t have a personal masseuse… so I did some extensive online research.

People suggest warm baths with Epsom Salt, painkillers, hitting the gym the following day…what is a girl to do to go back to the customary heels? The answer is simple: A Body Buffer! I know what you are thinking… no this is not a prank, I promise, this is a shortcut to sore muscles recovery. I have been using BelleCore Babybelle buffer for a couple of months now and I could not be more pleased. Whenever I have sore legs and arms because of an intense work out (especially those pesky squats) I use the buffer and whatever lactic acid I might have gets flushed out.

Bellecore Babybelle looks like a car buffer, just a lot prettier! It has a rotating component covered in terry cloth and a handle to direct your buffing efforts to the sore muscles.

Here is my post work out routine:

  • Quads and glutes stretches, calves stretches, arms stretches, upper and lower back stretches. I hold the poses for about 30 seconds each so this step takes about 3 minutes.
  • After a lukewarm shower I dry off and depending on what kind of muscles I targeted with the work out I use the Bellecore Babybelle to flush out the lactic acid and ease the soreness.  Even if my muscles are not sore (because they are delusional and don’t realize how out f shape they are!) I still use the buffer… sometimes the effects of an intense workout manifest themselves the day after and you want to start the damage control ahead of time.
  • Finally I drink a full 8oz glass of water (which is always good for you!)

BabyBelle is very easy to use and portable for people who travel a lot.  BelleCore’s claim to fame is also that is defies cellulite and God know I need that, too. With all the buffing and exercising I might actually be ready for the bikini season this year!