NYC Landscaping Salons for Ladies

Dear Friends and Readers,

No matter what you see on TV or in the movies, Italians are big fans of landscaping.  An italian woman would never pull a “Julia Roberts” on anyone… Oh come on, don’t ask me what a “Julia Roberts” is. Ok, fine, I will spell it out: in the 90s during the grunge movement, she showed up at a red carpet event with some underarm fur. Understood? Well, Let me rehiterate for the sake of clarity: Italian woman would never do that, thank you very much! Landscaping (and manscaping) is a direct outcome of our culture from the Ancient Greece and the Roman Empire to modern times. But you really needn’t have a cultural justification for this post, so allow me to cut to the chase and give you the names:

J. Sisters: The sisters are from Rio so they know one thing or two about the deforestation of the Amazonian forest AND landscaping. You might meet some celebrity in the waiting room too!

Maria Bonita: I went to this salon years ago because my Brazilian BFF used to go there.  This little salon between Little Italy and the Lower East side is efficient cheerful and the technicians are very skilled. Not sure about the celebrity sighting, though…

Bella Brazil: If 3 out of 3 salons I reccommend are owned and operated by Brazilians there must be a reason, no? If you work in the financial district and you have a hairy emergency there is no other place to go. You are in and out of the salon in 20 minutes and silky smooth – your legs with thank you for taking the time during lunch break!

My dear friends, if you come to NYC and I catch you with hairy legs in 2012…. I am going to book you an appointment myself!