Kurt (the Pirate) in Audi Magazine!

Dear Friends and Followers,

Today I am the proudest wife! Many have made fun of my husband Kurt and his passion for his car, a 1986 Audi GT Coupe, including me.  Family and friends have often suggest that he “upgrade” to something more sleek and shiny.

Kurt Audi 03

For the longest time he has dragged his feet: can such a tech-savvy man be so loyal to his car as to overlook safety features and technology? He is very neat and well organized and has taken great care of his car. His Audi looks like it could come out of a dealer if we were in 1986.  My husband’s attachment to his first car has never bothered me for a single second.  It says a lot about his values and persistance.  I only get mad when he calls it “his baby”… that would be ME, Mr. Weiss, make no mistake!

His loyalty has finally paid off: several months ago our friend Gennaro Pecchia invited us to the launch of Audi A8 and a reporter from Audi Magazine was there.  He heard the story about Kurt, one of the (few) world leading experts in mobile payments and certainly the best dressed of them all, and his car and wanted to interview him for Audi Magazine.

And you know what? I don’t care about shiny new cars, bluetooth, satellite radio, self heating seats and LED lights… I am proud of him: he worked a lot of buy this car, he knows what he wants and is not afraid of other people’s judgment, he values what he has versus everything else out there. If I had to take a hint I would say that he is not going to upgrade me anytime soon!

Ciao :-)