2011 Holiday Gift Guide – for everyone else!

Dear Friends and Readers,

the gift guide would not be complete if I did not address also the rest of your world.  There was a time in my life when people actually called me to give them suggestions on what to buy to this and that family member. I sometimes think I should have switched careers at that point and become a personal shopper but I love what I do way to much. This year I will make it a LOT easier for you: read the post, if you REALLY don’t find a suitable present, email me and I will take care of the rest, ok? You will notice that I left kids out of this list because I assume they made a list for Santa so you don’t need any further advice from me.

  1. For the sporty sister in law: Lulu Lemon Arabesque Bag, designed for dancers great for every sport. If you have a sporty but girly relative this is perfect.
  2. For the Waspy Mother-in-Law: Kate Spade’s Crystal kaleidoscope double necklace, a sparkly necklace that her bridge club will envy.
  3. For the Foodie who cannot cook: Anne Burrell’s Cook Like a Rock Star, love her or hate her she is a great teacher nonetheless.
  4. For the Adventurous Baker: Momofuku Milk Bar by Christina Tosi, I am going to bake every single dessert in this book in 2012, I promise!
  5. For the Chocoholic: No Chewing Allowed, I discovered these truffles at the Chocolate Show 2011. They are to die for and at a price that is socially acceptable. You can find them at the Bryant Park, Union Square and Columbus Circle Holiday Markets.
  6. For the Armchair Traveler: Assouline The Luxury Collection Destination Guides because even if you can’t afford 7 stars hotels you can still dream about staying there!
  7. For the Grill Master: iGrill, a grilling and cooking thermometer for iPhone, iPad, etc. Get this for the grill masters in your life, because they will be all geeked out about it!
  8. For the Life-Saving Secretary: She is there to lend a hand when no one else will so give her the gift of beautiful hands! Crabtree & Evelyn La Source 60 Seconds Fix for Hands and may I also suggest that you bring her with you on your next trip to the nail salon?
  9. For the Avid Reader: I discovered the Charles Lenox Misteries on the second floor of the now defunct Barnes & Nobles in Lincon Square. This lady asked me if I had read one of the books in the series.  She said she loved it, so I took advice from a complete stranger (but a well dressed one) and I bought the book. She was right, I was hooked and I cannot wait to read the new instalment of MP Lenox’s adventures, A Burial At Sea.
  10. For the (Tech) Control Freak: Logitech Harmony Universal Remote Control. What if I told you that this is like the Lord of The Rings for all your electronics? Well the recipient of this present will indeed turn into a Gollum for sure (trust me I know!).
  11. For the Yogi: Stirlen Yoga Mat Starter Kit a kit to take care of the yoga mat. Bacteria would take away most of the peace of mind your yoga practice brings.
  12. For the Wine Enthusiast: Amarone Tommasi. This wine is a perfect red for the holidays. I had the honor of being invited by the Tommasi family (one of the Amarone Families) to their vineyards in Valpolicella, Verona… and predictably now I am addicted to this wine!
  13. For the Innovative Gourmet: I love extravirgin olive oil, I cannot live/cook/eat without it. It tastes good, it is good for you and makes you look young… but unless you are a real connoisseur you won’t be able to taste the difference.  My husband, the Pirate received The Smoked Olive EVOO as a present and brought it home: if you like smoke (not the cigarette kind) and olive oild this is the closest thing to genius you can put on your bruschetta! YUM :-)
  14. For the Makeup Junkie: trust me I would know… My hubby is about to kick me out of our tiny NYC apartment because I own too much make up. My latest addiction is the Lost Weekend Collection by Becca Cosmetics. I work a lot and weekends are always busy so I can relate to the name of the collection. The important part is that it really gives you the glow you would get after a relaxing weekend :-)
  15. For the James Bond Wanna-Be: I have a soft spot for Sean Connery and Pierce Brosnan BUT having seen Daniel Craig in person I think I have changed my mind. The Golden Eye video game came out in the 90s and it was a big hit. It came out again last year as Golden Eye Reloaded for Wii (which I have) and for X-Box (which I don’t) and it features Daniel Craig as James Bond. It turns out I am quite good at being at Her Majesty’s service!
  16. For the Clumsy Coworker: Madame Paulette Professional Stain Removal Kit. You heard it from me first, this kit and its creator John Mahdessian are the ultimate stain fighting warriors. If you (i) have a coworker who gets stains on his ties every 5 minutes, or  (ii) stained your mother in law’s carpet and you know she will make you pay for that (physically and psycologically) for the rest of your life, get yourself a kit and have a stain-free holiday season!

Happy holidays everyone… next week we will be back with more cooking and traveling!