2011 Holiday Gift Guide – FOR HIM

Dear Friends and Readers,

Second instalment of Cousin Serena’s Holiday Gift Guide 2011. This is the list that I have always wanted to compile. Here is why: the ladies often wear many hats, including that of personal stylist (especially for an important meeting) so giving your boyfriend/partner/significant other/husband a present that makes him fashionable might reduce the risk of waking up with the same question: “do you think I can wear this suit with this tie? with a white shirt? and what about the belt/shoes?” (Yes, Pirate, I am looking at you).


DISCLAIMER: I believe a well dressed man should be the bastard child of Cary Grant and Steve McQueen. If this does not match your esthetics the following suggestions won’t be very helpful :-(

  1. Jack Spade Waxwear Computer File Case: when you think about a briefcase, the first image that comes to mind is something heavy, stuffy and uncomfortable.  This breifcase is anything but: it has enough room to store a laptop and several files or even a fresh shirt with clean underwear for the business travelers.
  2. Marinella Ties: The best ties on earth come from a small store called Marinella in Naples and they are all handmade.  It is no secret I love these ties and I would wear them myself if I could (now that I think of it maybe I SHOULD). In the US they are sold by Bergdorf Goodman but they are definitely overpriced here so I suggest you contact the manufacturer (which I do all the time and they ship all over the world).  The main attraction is the pattern: Marinella ties have small patterns in conservative but modern colors. If you cannot find Marinella ties, take their colors and patterns as an example of what a power tie should look like.
  3. Tod’s New Selleria Belt: forget Hermes or Gucci belts, as logos are way too flashy on a man and you don’t want him to be taken for a reality show cast member. I have a family filled with VERY elegant men and they prefer their belts understated.  Let the tie do the talking but the belt should be on the safe side. This belt is perfect for a job interview and fun enough to be worn with jeans.
  4. iTouchGloves Classic Men’s Dress Gloves: not only they are made of water resistant leather and cashmere, they also are touch screen friendly!
  5. Assouline The Impossible Collection of Cars: more than a coffee table book this is like Playboy to a car lover.  He can look/he cannot touch… and if he can afford cars like these you are both lucky!
  6. Krigler America One: this perfume was created for JFK. Need I say more?
  7. Nespresso Pixie: this last gift is self serving – turn your man into a barista! There is nothing better than a coffee machine that is super simple, cute and easy to use.  Just make sure that he doesn’t bring it to the office (in which case you will never see it again)!

Happy Holidays :-)