2011 Holiday Gift Guide – FOR HER

Dear Friends and Followers,

The Christmas Tree in Rockefeller Centre is lit up and sparkly; everywhere you go you hear Holiday music… that can only mean one thing (at least to me): SHOPPING!  I am a little conflicted about shopping for 11 months, then the holidays come and my favorite sport turns into a legitimate workout.

I am sure you have been through your fair share of Black Fridays Cyber Mondays and Barney’s Warehouse Sales.  But if you have run out of ideas you might want to listen to your European cousin i.e.: moi (yeah, I know I started speaking like Miss Piggy – I guess I am just fulfilling my destiny). Gentleman read first, thank cousin Serena later!

What do you buy for your girlfriend/wife/partner/significant other? It appears she has everything and picking a present is so tricky. What if she does not like it? What if she has the very present already?  Ok, chill… unless you really pick the most disastrous present, she will love it regardless because she loves you.  But if you pick a great gift, she will love you more :-) .  Of course you might have a different budget. Fear not, you can use this post as a guide to what she might want and find something that is within your budget.  Some women are naturally care takers so they might buy wonderful things for their family and friends and overlook the fact that they would like to receive the same kind of presents.  Bag and shoes always fall in this category along with beauty products.  Don’t give her something she needs, give her something unnecessary but unexpected. Italians give jewelry only for birthdays, anniversaries and major accomplishments so I will keep them out of the list.  Here is my list:

  1. Mulberry Alexa Bag in Oak Buffalo Leather: I have received this as a present from my hubby the pirate and I LOVE IT – and he surprised me so I love it even more J.
  2. Louboutin platform pump: No woman would be unhappy to receive these shoes, because they are beautiful, sexy AND comfortable. Trust me I am a shrimp and I know one thing or two about wearing high heels even when you go to sleep!
  3. Hermes Clic-Clac H bracelet: trust me, the best presents come in an orange shopping bag!  This bracelet is classic, classy and colorful and actually does last forever (worn every day).
  4. DKNY Cashmere and Silk Cozy: this sweater is the epitome of versatility.  Best thing you can ever wear when you are traveling because it is lightweight and thin but very warm and cozy (nomen omen) and does not wrinkle at all… I get cold very quickly and this  sweater saved me from many colds.
  5. Clarisonic Pro and Clarisonic Opal: she is beautiful already, of course, but if she does not have these miracle makers, she probably has her eye on them. So give her the gift of pampering (on a daily basis) and she will be grateful.  And you will be the happy partner of a beautiful woman for a lot longer.
  6. Bellecore BabyBelle: this is a new entry and you will think I am completely insane.  It looks like the bubblegum version of a car buffer but it does wonders. Do you know when she comes back from the gym and she is sore because the Cardio Boot Camp was too intense? If she has a Bellecore BabyBelle she can sooth her sore legs with the added value that she might be fighting cellulite at the same time (I will post an actual review next week so hold your skeptical thoughts for a little longer).
  7. Krigler Sparkling Diamond: I love Maison Kriegler.  Who else could convey the smell of a summer on the Cote D’Azur? This perfume smells like champagne and strawberries, and that is what makes me daydream of the rocky beach in Beaulieu Sur Mer or a stroll on the Promenade Des Anglais.

I will post separate suggestions for gentleman, so feel free to send the link to your wife/girlfriend/partner/significant other.

Ciao and happy shopping,