Favorites: SmartMouth

Dear Friends and Followers,

Italians, like Americans, are a little psychotic about teeth… we want them healthy, white, straight and minty fresh, not to big, not too much gums. etc.  We brush and floss and go to the dentist every 6 months.  I myself wore braches for 7 years and NO I am not posting THOSE pictures, especially because my teeth are even more stubborn than me and they went back to their original place after few months.  But today we are talking about the “minty fresh” part.

There is one thing that I have personally hated in the teeth care routine for longer than I can remember: mouth wash. It used to contain alcohol, then the substituted that for a very strong mint essence. I tried them all and the only consistent outcome was a deep hate for the category as it would burn my tastebuds and gums, gives me a lingering heartburn and makes me incapable of tasting anything.  Up until a couple of months ago I would tell my dentist and anyone who would listen how much and I hate and despise and loathe mouthwash….gimme a mint instead!

But I am not one to give up on a challenge and I knew there had to be something that would work without side effects.  I was presented with a bottle of Smart Mouth a couple of months ago and I was initially confused: the bottle was not a flashy colored liquid promising to kill germs as if my mouth is in need of clorox.  Smart Mouth is smart indeed because there are 2 bottles and you mix the 2 elements of the mouthwash when you are about to use it. I am not going to venture in the scientifical explanation as I was never good at science but I will give you my experience. Smart Mouth is like no other mouthwash: it does not taste medicinal,  it is minty but the flavor does not burn your taste buds and does not have a nauseating aftertaste AND after you have used it you will not have any of the heartburn symptoms that regular listerine would give you.  The best part is that you feel minty fresh even after 12 hours.  Now you can have bagna cauda (an Italian garlic stew) at night and wake up without the expected morning breath that can be used to kill mice! My claim is absolutely beyond reasonable (and unreasonable) doubt: I recently had bagna cauda and I indeed used Smart Mouth at night…. when I woke up I had fresh breath (but the rest smelled like garlic – oh the power of few little cloves!).

Ciao :-)