NY Life: How to Succeed in Business (without really trying)

Dear Friends and Followers,

Like every other nerdy girl, I love the magic of a live performance, therefore I LOVE Broadway… We don’t have this kind of entertainment often in Italy because Broadway performances are 1) complicated to produce 2) expensive and 3) not always successful (with the only exception of Notre Dame De Paris). I was first introduced to musicals when I went for summer camp to the UK… but there is something about a Broadway Show is NY that makes it worth seeing rats in the bathroom of the theatre!


But I digress: let’s talk about “How to Succeed in Business (without really trying)” a show with a VERY long title and some GREAT actors.  I swear I don’t love Daniel Radcliffe because he was Harry Potter for most of his life (well maybe just a little).  I saw him in Equus a couple of years ago and the guy’s got ball (no pun intended) because the psychological drama is all about a teenager who is derailed by his family’s religious obsession. I went in being a little skeptical and thinking “if I don’t think about Harry Potter for 15 minutes it means they have done a good job”.  Well the derailed youth was nothing like my favorite wizzard and more like a patient in a psychiatric ward.

I heard Daniel Radcliffe was interested in musical and I thought “No way he is going to transition into a comedic singing and dancing number easily”.  When “How to Succeed in Business (without really trying)” came out I was even more skeptical because the reviews were mixed, some critics praising him and some others bashing the show as a teenager trap.  I went to see the show this summer after a couple of coworkers mentioned that they had enjoyed it. The ticket line was full of teenagers who had clearly grown up with Harry Potter and where drawn to the show by the chance to see Daniel Radcliffe perform.  I am not a teenager but I was no exception.

After watching the show TWICE my comment is that the title of the show should be changed into…. (drumroll) HOW TO SUCCEED IN BUSINESS (WORKING YOUR BUTT OFF LIKE NEVER BEFORE).  I was used to see Daniel Radcliffe playing brooding caracters. I am happy to report that he is present in almost every scene of the show, he sings well (compared to many multi-hyphenated artists who don’t have the lungs for it) and dances better. Who knew?! Most importantly he is charming and fun to watch while he plays this eager young man who wants to succeed just by sheer luck and fast thinking.  I expected John Laroquette and all the other Broadway actors in the show to be great because they have been at it for decades.  I did not expect Daniel Radcliffe to be so good, but it is great to see that a child star is willing to put in the hours and effort to better himself. It is refreshing to see that some actors care about their craft and their personal growth along with the obvious bottom line.

Run, don’t walk to see this show because he will be playing Pierpont Finch just for a few more weeks, leaving the role to Darren Criss (of Glee fame).

Ciao :-)