Favorites: Travel Essentials

Dear Friends and Followers,

Women are often accused to bring too much stuff when they travel.  Usually this complaint comes from the disgruntled boyfriend/fiance/husband/male coworker/travel companion that is is charge of lifting said suitcase to help the damsel in distress.  Yes, I admit I have often used the puppy dog meets dear in the headlights look to ask for help. Going back to the suitcase thing….let’s be honest there might be some truth to this claim. And that is why I have a travel kit that makes everything a LOT easier.

I keep a large Ziplock bag stocked with these products so they are ready to go in the suitcase or hand baggage in 3 seconds and they make packing a piece of cake. I love these multitaskers and I suggest you don’t leave home for a long trip without them:

CleanWell disinfectant spray & wipes:  when you are traveling you want to be sure you get in touch with clean surfaces.  These disinfectant-to-go spray and wipes come in very handy when want to be sure that everything around you is as clean and safe as your own bathroom/kitchen.



CleanWell antibacterial spray in Orange Vanilla: this is ALWAYS in my bag, especially after a trip to the subway.  It is an absolute must have and does not smell like alcohol :-)


Oscar Blandi Dry Shampoo (1 oz.): I will confess that my favorite dry shampoo is the Klorane one but it is way to difficult to tote around when you are traveling. I find the Oscar Blandi Dry Shampoo very helpful after sleeping on a plane when my hair is all flat and messed up.


Boscia BB cream: pressurized air on a plane is very drying so I use this cool multitasked to make me feel good on the plane and when I land.  This Beauty Balm moisturizes, protects with SPF and antioxidants and gives you a subtle glow that make you look refreshed. For gentlemen I might suggest Facial Fuel with SPF (I steal it from the pirate every not and then, he is not pleased when I use his refreshing caffein potion).


Refresh Tears Eye Lubricant: Pressurized air is the culprit again here – your eyes get itchy and red. I love these “tears” because they are like the real deal but without the emotional turmoil. I reapply every hour so my eyes don’t suffer too much and I don’t look like a vampire when I land.


Adara Coconut Oil: coconut oil gets a totally unjustified bad press. It is good for you and your skin and moisturizes like nothing else. Since it is solid at room temperature, it is also virtually spill proof. I use it as a heavy moisturizer, salve, split ends solution, lip balm cuticle tamer.


Eatwhatever: My friend Jerry who is the ultimate Italian gentleman gave me these mints last year at a party and he was so right. You can eat anything and your breath will remain minty fresh and kissable for hours.

Pack these essentials for your next trip and I promise you a lighter suitcase without sacrificing the comfort of home!