HowTo: Basic Pore Cleaning Facial

Dear Friends and Readers,

this post goes out to the male readers as much as to the female readers because it is a universal problem.  The environment is not at its best right now and if you live in urban areas you probably have had this problem before.  Not everyone is surrounded by clean air anymore, which is really sad.  On top of that too much gunk on your face makes you look really scary!

Clogged pores are no fun, because, besides the fact that they are a conduit to pimples and for men ingrown hair, they also act like a cork to the skin: the toxins stay in and can do their damaging job … WRINKLES!

I have my own little routine that scares the gunk out of my pores… we will call it the POREfication routine. Once a week every week and trust me it works wonders on misbehaving pores.  Ready? Here it is.

Step No. 1: Prepare for war. Remove Makeup with my beloved Clarisonic brush and a non foaming cleanser.  I like the clarisonic cleansers because they work well with the brush, obviously but I also love some very basic stuff like good old Cetaphil.

Step No. 2: One word, Exfoliate! Sometimes I feel like I need Scrubbing Bubbles to get really deep in my pores and extract the gunk…. I use a product I got in Brazil at Granado, the Exfoliating Powder that is really bad ass because it scrubs like nobody’s business BUT is also leaves you powerfully refreshed.  If you don’t have Brazilian friends that stock up your beauty bag, I strongly suggestKate Sommerville ExfoliKate, one of my long time favorite purifying concoctions.  If you are on a budget nothing compares to the St.Yves Invigorating Apricot Scrub that can also be used on the body so it is perfect for pre- and post- self tanner.

Step No. 3: Masked Armed & Dangerous.  You need something to scare the innermost gunk from your pores.  A mask is the perfect way to scare the crap out of your skin (no pun intended) – and if the mask makes you look powerfully scary… EVEN BETTER! I love the Boscia’s Black Mask because well it is really black and makes you look ready for Halloween but it also really works.  It is a peel off mask so when it solidifies and you remove it, you can actually see the gunk! There is no better feeling – like when you wash your hands and the rinsing water is really nasty – you know you have done a gooood job.  I also like Bliss Steep Clean Mask, because it is green and smells amazingly fruity and make you sweat a bit too, which is like a sauna for your face.

Step No.4: Peace Treaty. There is no better way to bring scared pores back to their normal glow that some moisture.  If I were in Italy I would probably put some serious yogurt on my face.  Since I am in NY, I use the next best thing:Korres Yogurt Moisturizer.  It has the same effect of drinking yogurt after Indian, Greek or Turkish food – it sings a little lullaby to your pores and put them to sleep.

Now to maintain the status quo, as always I recommend that you wear at least 30 SPF and even a pore minimizer like Boscia’s No pore No shine (it is like No woman No cry for sensitive pores!).

My dear readers you are beautiful to me already, but with this Porefection procedure, you will be even more gorgeous!