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VideoRecipe: Zucchini Rolls

Dear friends and Followers,

Hurricane Irene is upon us and everyone in NYC is freaking out!  We are stocking up as if this is the nuclear winter, preparing food like it is going out of style.  To counter balance the gloomy news reports of people evacuating lower Manhattan, I should all invite you here in my Orange Kitchen!

I feel like we should remember the best days of summer: The farmers’ market with its colorful and delicious produce, the plump zucchini looking at you from the market stand telling you “Eat me”, the smell of fresh mint when you chop it.  Irene is coming for dinner with her trail of devastation? No worries we will make her feel at home and calm her down with a spin on Zucchini Escabesche and a creamy filling. Take that Irene!