Favorites: Miracle Skin Transformer BB

Dear Friends and Readers,

I am talking to the ladies again today as this is going to make their life A LOT easier.  Beauty Products go in waves: first it was the long lasting foundation and the tinted moisturizer, then it was the mineral makeup and tinted SPF. But nothing really does it all.  I am always very skeptical about the claims makeup companies make (mineral makeup moisturizes your skin, really? watch me looking 20 years older!).  Every now and then I find something I really like and actually does justice to the marketing team’s claims.

Enters the Miracle Skin Transformer. Yes I know the name is a bit much but bear with me because we are on to something there! This lotion/cream simplifies your beauty routine to the point that it claims to be a 3-in-1 miracle worker.  Contrary to what usually happens with several products which are  greatly exaggerated, this time I have to agree.  If you are looking for something to make your morning routine faster, Miracle Skin Transformer is you man, or in this case your woman since it was created by Sarah McNamara, a busy business woman who wanted an easier skincare routine that would not cut corners on quality.

My experience is that the Miracle Skin Transformer kept my face moisturized all day with its antioxidants and natural extracts, i.e. no dry patches like the mineral foundation.  Still my skin was not oily or shiny because the Miracle Skin Transformer has naturally derived silicones and minerals that smooth and mattify where you need it (my nose, for examples!).  Finally it has an SPF of 20, which, if you live in the city and are planning not to be in direct sun, is just about what you need to keep your skin safe from sun damage.

I would add that there is an added benefit in this product because there is a trend in the makeup industry to make a one size fits all color.  Well, that does not always work: thankfully the Miracle Skin Transformer has 7 shades so you are likely to find something close to your shade that does not wash you out!  Another great thing is that it can be used as a base and primer.  If you have an event that lasts all day and you want something that lasts, you can easily put the Miracle Skin Transformer UNDER another foundation (for example my beloved Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua).  I have tried it and make no mistake in the sweltering heat of New York City, after using several of my beloved Boscia Green Tea Blot Papers, my foundation was still there along with the rest of my make up! This is seriously one of the best multitasking products I have found so far.

Apparently there is also a concealer from the same brand, but I have not tried it yet…. I will keep you posted hoping for another little time saving miracle!