RestoReview: Miss Lily’s Favorite Cakes

Dear Friends and Readers,

I recently dined with some friends at Miss Lily’s Favorite Cakes and we were all so pleased with the restaurant that I felt I had to review it for my website.  First let’s take the elephant in the room out of the way: this restaurant is not a dessert based establishment. Don’t be fooled by the reference to “cakes”.  This is a real Jamaican restaurant, so if you are looking for dessert just go toChikalicious.  If you are looking for a restaurant with solid food and great ambiance with a cool vibe, read on!

First, let me tell you about the great ambiance and cool vibe, then about the food.  So many restaurants have a great ambiance these day, but nailing the real meaning of Jamaican ambiance can easily turn any restaurant into a cheesy and tacky place filled with knickknacks and Bob Marley.  I have the nothing against Knickknacks and Bob Marley, but Miss Lily’s takes a different direction that I think nails the Jamaican ambiance in the head.  The first room is a bar with bright bold colors and the second has a darker palette that make you feel like in a cool seventies club.

Secondly I must tell you about the vibe and the service.  You know when you call a restaurant to make a reservation and they tell you it is all booked one month in advance and they only have a spot at 6.15PM or 10.30PM? Sounds familiar? It is just because they want your PR person to call in a reservation and you are not at that station in life (yet)… Before calling Miss Lily’s I had made 6 attempts at a reservation with other new and noteworthy restaurants and they all failed miserably because I am not famous/goodlooking/influential/bitchy enough. THEN I called Miss Lily’s, the hostess was curteous, well behaved and just plain nice. There was a spot at 7.30, and she actually thanked me for calling. I was so happy to deal with a nice person I was almost in tears (of joy).  When I got there, I realized that not only the hostess was nice, but every single person in the restaurant was too. This was a major shocker, given my experience with certain hip restaurants, along with the fact that everyone working at Miss Lily’s qualifies for the list of “most beautiful people” because they could easily be on the cover of Vogue.

Now finally, the food.  Yes the food was great! We shares the Cod Fritters Plantain Chips, Lobster Mini Tacos, the Jerk Chicken the Fried Whole Fish and topped it all off with the Banana Cream Pudding. Everything we ate was excellent, succulent well seasoned and flavorful.  I wish there were more restaurants like this in New York City.  I will definitely be back for (a lot) more!