ReadList: The Imperfectionists

Dear Friends and Readers,

I have a Kindle which is one of my favorite things but I still love to go to book stores to check out books and read the back covers…. and to buy cookbooks of course! A couple of months ago I was at a Barnes & Nobles and a lady next to me ask asked me if I read “The Imperfectionists“.  I had not but I picked it up to check out the the back cover and to peak inside: few pages and I was hooked.

“The Imperfectionists” tells the story of a fictional US newspaper founded and operated in Rome, and the parallel stories of the many people (officers, reporter, foreign correspondents) who either worked there or read it all over Europe and the Mediterranean.  Tom Rachman, the author has a very clever way to craft the stories of the individuals who “made” the newspaper day in day out. Every chapter is dedicated to a different character, in different stages of the existence of the newspaper and with different voices.  If it is at all possible to have different styles for different chapters of a book, this is what Tom Rachman does.  The silent character of this book is the city of Rome, described both in the 60s and today with a palette of “romantic” colors.  The subtext of the book is a love story with Rome and this is the reason the book resonated so deeply with me.  I found myself in the descriptions of the city with its beautiful corners and alleys.

I recently read that Brad Pitt’s Plan B purchased the rights for the screen adaptation of this book.  I think it is wise choice but he will need Woody Allen’s help, after he has been shooting a movie in Rome all summer!

Whether you have been to Rome or you still have to visit I strongly suggest this book as one that will stay with you well after you have finished reading.