Favorites: Clarisonic Brush & Clarisonic Opal

Dear Friends and Followers,

I have always loved the idea of electric toothbrushes because I am lazy and I get the maximum result with the minimum effort.  I thought it would be wonderful if the same simple idea were to be applied to the act of cleaning your face or apply lotions and potions.

Yes, if your Sonicare toothbrush goes off while you are at the security line at the airport they might think it is a more serious and deadly tool (true story). But the idea remains brilliant and I strongly recommend that if you have any electronic toothbrush/other beauty tool you do not bring it in your carryon unless you want to be treated like a criminal!

Now ladies hear me out and gentleman please take notes because Aunt Serena is going to give you the perfect gift idea.

Let me take you back to 2008: just before my wedding I went to get a facial and I was introduced to the Clarisonic Brush (in the “Classic” version that was the only one available at the time). Picture your Sonicare toothbrush, just larger and more powerful with specific preset intervals to clean different areas of your face.  It was used in context with the purifying portion of the facial and I was so happy with the “clean” feeling I decided to break the piggy bank and get my personal one.

Let me be very clear here (as clear as my skin LOL), a Clarisonic Brush is expensive but it is worth every penny and more. No cons here, only pros… I used it while I was on the Next Food Network Star season 6 and another finalist asked me about it.  I was so enthusiastic about my Clarisonic Brush that she tried one and loved it so much she bought it too. And don’t ask me for the name, of course: you know me, I don’t brush and tell!

Besides the fact that with Clarisonic you clean every single pore on your face, everything that comes after the cleaning i.e. lotions and potions sinks right into your skin.  Don’t underestimate the clean feeling you get, either: while I was shoowing The Next Food Network Star last year I had this lovely make up artist who was powdering my shiny nose every 5 minutes (you gotta love my girl April she did a great job), the only thing you want to do when you go home is WASH YOUR FACE!  And if you do so with Clarisonic you feel like it is really clean.

But let’s take this one step further: wouldn’t it be great if you could apply the same sonic feature to applying lotions and potions? The people at Clarisonic must have heard my prayers because they created Opal, a neat device that allows you to apply eye cream to your crows feet area…. (wait for it) at SONIC SPEED! I tried a Clarisonic Opal and I was hooked: it is like having someone massaging your eyes for 30 seconds twice a day. Not sure about you but I am in front of a computer for most of my waking hours so I need this. And it fights wrinkles too.



Listen to Aunt Serena, break the piggy bank, or suggest it as a perfect anniversary present to your significant other. It is totally worth it and you will be more relaxed and pampered: who could ask for anything more?