RestoReview: Salumeria Rosi, NYC

Dear Friends and Followers,

In Northern Italy there is the wonderful tradition of “salumeria con cucina”, that is a grocery store similar to a deli that also has a small kitchen where warm dishes are prepared.  These traditional establishments serve all sorts of specialties and seasonal dishes that sometimes are very time consuming to make.  It was about time that the idea of a “salumeria con cucina” be imported stateside.  And what better place than the Upper West side with its side walks cafes and museums?


I first set foot inside of Salumeria Rosi a few days after it opened to buy some prosciutto and bresaola. The cucina was being set up so I was eager to try especially knowing that Cesare Casella’s name was associated to it (yes he is the headmaster of the Italian Chefs’ Hogwarts).  Salumeria Rosi is an excellent restaurant with great food and service, it a cozy and homey feel to it that makes you want to be a regular. And I have been a regular myself, I have tried virtually everything on the menu and the wine list and I was never disappointed. While the menu is seasonal, some staples and definitely available year round (thank goodness!).  Besides the “affettati” of cured meats that are naturally of great quality and cut before your very eyes, the cheese, soft or aged are outstanding too. My favorite starters are some Culatello di Zibello and Burrata.  I usually continue with the insalata Pontormo andleek tart.  Then, the real star arrives: Porchetta Calabrese Sandwich. Don’t get me wrong I like everything I tried on the menu, but if I had to pick one dish that you cannot miss when you go to Salumeria Rosi, the Porchetta Sandwich would be it.  I know my porchetta and this is awesome!

After the sandwich you think you could not be more impressed, right? Wrong: The farrotto is smooth and crunchy with amaretti but has a lingering smoothness of the pumpkin.  The Salsiccia with a hearthy sausage or Manzo di Lucca is beef “tagliata style” but with some extra meaty beans to make it extra rustic, are unbelievable.  They recently added a t-bone style lamb with corn and green bean that is tender and juicy and I will fight for the last bite. By the time I get to dessert I should be stuffed but the meal in incredibly light because of tapas portions and the skillful preparation.  But I cannot miss the dessert here because the Semifreddo is made with parmigiano and decorated with sweet and crunchy prosciutto and the Pannacotta is is zesty deliciousness.

In conclusion there are many reasons why I am a local at Salumeria Rosi, and one of them is that the food is consistently excellent and thoughful, the specials of the day are fun and the service and ambiance are friendly and endearing. I strongly suggest you treck all the way to the Upper West Side, for a porchetta sandwish… after all you will already have burned some calories!