Favorites: Mediterraneo by Carthusia

Dear Friends and Readers,

I have to make a confession… I am a perfume addict! If there ever was an AA for perfume addicts I would have to go there and go throught the steps and all.  Fortunately being a perfume addict is not a crime so I will be fine, for now.

It all started when I broke the piggy bank and bought Cristalle EDT by Chanel at the age of 10, and it just went “tragically” downhill :-) !


The sense of smell triggers the most powerful memories and so I have often brought back fragrances from trips (more on that later).  In other cases the fragrances are so very evocative that THEY take you to a different place.

While in the winter I use fragrance for aromatherapy reasons to pick me up, in the summer…. well, it is a lot more fun! Problem is… my skin attracts bugs, as you know, so I need to find something that is NOT sweet, flowery and vanilla-y.  So confession number 2 is that I love unisex fragrances! .

After much research, and a couple of disastrous experiences that I would rather sweep under the rug and forget, I found this GEM!

Mediterraneo by Carthusia is a unisex fragrance I discovered in 2006 during a dreamy weekend in Capri.  I brought a bottle back to NY and one morning I realized that the pirate was stealing it from me (that’s what you get for dating a pirate – he steals your unisex perfume :-) ).  Predictably this perfume smells good on both men and women so when the bottle was over I tried to figure out a way to put my hands on another.  I lucked out because one of my favorite perfume stores,Aedes de Venustas in Christopher Street carries the whole line!

But what does it smell like, you might ask?  Mediterraneo smells like a glass of lemon mint tea on a hot summer day, with some hints of jasmine as if you were strolling down Via Camerelle in Capri.  Actually I sprayed a little bit right now and I am daydreaming about a sunny summer day in Mermaid’s Island.