ReadList: Blood, Bones & Butter

Dear Friends and Readers,

The ReadList is all about suggesting books that are enjoyable and engaging. However, if I was the only one to post on this Section you would have a very boring list, mysteries, thrillers, Harry Potter and Sookie Stackhouse.  So I asked some of my friends who have a taste in books that is different from mine to contribute to this section with their suggestions.

The first guest contributor is Holly (randomcravings) Burtchaell, a witty, knowledgeable and fun fellow blogger who I met in Atlantic City last summer and we both felt like we must have been friends in a previous life.  We also share a life in “law” and a passion for cooking and the pirate craves her killer lemon squares. When a couple of months ago we sat down to have pizza at Keste’ in NYC she mentioned she was reading this book and I had to ask her to write a post about it. So I leave the screen to Holly a.k.a. Lady Random Cravings…

Blood, Bones & Butter: The Inadvertent Education of a Reluctant Chef by Gabrielle Hamilton

I ate brunch at Prune before I ever knew who Gabrielle Hamilton was.  I had no idea about the not-completely-conventional route she took to becoming executive chef and owner of the little restaurant full of incredible culinary surprises on 1stStreet in New York City.  But now, after reading her memoir, Blood, Bones & Butter: The Inadvertent Education of a Reluctant Chef, and learning about the incredible zigs and zags her life has taken, it makes me savor that brunch I had almost a year ago even more.

Gabrielle Hamilton’s story takes you through the incredible range of culinary inspirations and influences that affected her career –the enormous “spring lamb roast” parties thrown by her parents during her childhood, the litany of restaurant jobs she worked just to make ends meet, and her experiences cooking with her Italian in-laws using a language she didn’t completely understand and ingredients she sometimes learned about along the way.  She is brutally honest about her somewhat difficult coming of age and not-exactly-perfect marriage.  Throughout her story, her passion for food and hospitality is the one common denominator, and it becomes clear that without all of her experiences – good, bad, culinary and otherwise – she would not have become the intriguing, inspiring chef she is today.

Whether you are a foodie, a biography fan, or someone who just likes stories that take a few unexpected twists and turns, you will absolutely love this book!

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