Eye-Opening Secret No.1

Dear Friends and Readers,

especially dear ladies… I am about to share one of my best kept secrets.  It took several comments on youtube, many emails and Facebook messages and people asking me in person to get me to spill the beans :-)

Now gentleman, you might be bored to death by this post but it is… helpful for the ladies and I encourage you to subscribe them to my newsletter or forward this post to them. Now pardon me while I help them being even more attractive.  Ladies, hear me out!

Many of you ask me if I wear fake eyelashes, the answer is (drumroll, please) I don’t! You need to get some expert advice and there are no better experts in mascaras that JAPANESE WOMEN… befor you laugh at this think about what all the Harajuku girls have in common: BIG eyes and famously luscious lashes.

Even if you do not live between Shinjuku and Shibuya, you can achieve the same results.  In 2002 in London I bought my first Japanese Mascara, called KissMeand I was sold. For a contact lens wearer it is an absolute miracle: instead of painting the lashes it creates tubes around them, like a scaffolding that comes off with (drumroll) WATER! No need for makeup remover but all the benefits of a virtually waterproof mascara.

After KissMe Mascara many others were developed, some with fibers that make your lashes longer or more voluminous. I am currently using 2 that I really like and you can get them easily at Sephora: FairyDrops Scandal Queen and d.j.v. Mascara. In my humble opinion these are the best mascaras on the market right now.

Application tips: I suggest applying this mascara first to the bottom of the lashes and then to the top to make the most of the lenghteing effect. Since it dries quickly you need to move rather fast! But the best part is that if you make a booboo and stain your eyelids you can just scratch it off with a qtip… and it will stay put in even the most humid summer day.