RestoReview: Bianco Latte (Milan)

Dear Friends and Readers,

in early March I was in Milan for work and instead of booking the usual hotel near Piazza Duomo, I decided to stay a lot closer to Via Montenapoleone, the hottest shopping area.  On the way back from a day of meetings a beautiful “latteria” caught my eye. In the Italian tradition a latteria is the store where dairy products are sold, from milk to mozzarella and ricotta, and in some cases fresh pastry is also offered.  This “latteria” had a modern flair, with white and brown decor, like a very cool country house with some old elemets modernized with a nice coat of paint.

The name of the “latteria” is Bianco Latte, and it is open all day serving breakfast, lunch and aperitivo. I passed by while a group of very cool looking people was having aperitivo and I really liked the vibe of the place. It is very easy in Milan to find aperitivo places where you feel like everyone is very stuck up, or others that are just too faux-bohemian to be real.

In the best tradition of a store where dairy should be the star of the show, Bianco Latte has a gelato counter in the center of the main room, and serves all sorts of milk products including wonderful cappuccino and hot chocolate.

The following morning, en route for my first meeting I stopped by for breakfast Italian Style (Cornetto e Cappuccino) and the selection of croissants, pains-au-chocolat and breakfast pastry was outstanding.  I ordered a raspberry cornetto that was flaky but not overly sweet and I also had a very well made cappuccino with just a hint of cocoa powder on top of the milk foam. Intrigued by the excellent breakfast, I went back for lunch and I was not disappointed.  Bianco Latte serves traditional Milanese food and salads along with a robust selection of “piadina” (a wrap originated in Bologna and conceived to harbor mortabella arugula and stracchino). The piadina is offered in the EVOO variety (instead of lard) for a lighter option and I selected the one with salmon and homemade yogurt sauce… and the gelato was rich, creamy and smooth as can be.  Besides the decor of the dining room that is easy going but classy, Bianco Latte serves food that is charmining its simplicity and sophisticated in its execution. I cannot wait for my next tryp to Milan!